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  A Classical Guitar Concert
To Nickola Minev

The guitar, with curls, shaped like a woman's or a girl's body,
in silence she is intimately sitting on your lap,
She is your silent hostage, your inspired dedication
to art and it's titanic toil and labour.
You are absorbed entirely, mind and body
your spirit soaring up to heavenly heights
The concert hall is in standing ovation when success is there,
remaining silent like a crater full of darkness when you fail.
So you are sitting there on the stage - pale, inspired
holding her jealous body close to yours,
Possessed by her in the nights engulfed completely
by her body
Your fingers suddenly release a magic river of sounds
no one can stop!
Endless is the water of her sounds
full of flights, sufferings, passion and struggle
She's coiling circles of people dead and alive
of their happy aspirations and unhappy destinies.
The concert hall is like a crater full of darkness,
but something suddenly awakens it:
The lava is hissing surging and erupting.
Is that the duende of Lorca, my dear friend,
that's burning endlessly in front of others eyes ?

Bogomil Todorov                         Varna - 1981